Tsukaguchi, Japan - Grinning Wasabi Records is please to bring you a number three from Wild Bores: "Welldone and Charred." This is record with which you will have listening fun for your ears. John Whildin of Nashville, USA brings forth his guitar and sings it with songs numbering 11 of much pop and rock clever niceities. We are plan the Wild Bores members will carry their show to Japan for the forseeable future. Meantime, you must enjoy "Welldone and Charred," which like meat is best if cooked great.  LISTEN AND BUY


Major thanks to everyone who supported Wild Bores in 2010 and purchased our music. It's been a blast hearing from so many wonderful people accross the globe. We graciously tip our hats to the powerpop press and radio stations that helped get the word out. On that note, below are some year-end nods we'd like to share:

  • "In Front of Me" was one of the top 53 songs played on This Is Rock N' Roll Radio.

  • "We Think Alike" (the album) made Absolute Powerpop's top 100 albums of the year.

  • "Anecdote" made Power Pop Pub's top 10 songs of the year list while "We Think Alike" landed a spot in their top 40 albums of the decade list.

  • "We Think Alike" finished #73 in the Audities annual poll of best albums.

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